Burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, pine, aged balsamic / + parma ham195 CZK / + 75 CZK
Bruschetta variation (cherry tomatoes with avocado / beans with chorizo / roasted peppers with feta cheese)CZK 190
Tiger prawns with garlic, tomato sauce, arugula salad, sepia breadcrumbsCZK 210
Grilled calamari, leaf variation, lemonCZK 195
Vitello tonnatoCZK 190


Chicken soup with meat, carrots, celery, butter beans, basil pestoCZK 95


Spaghetti with fresh basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, burrata cheeseCZK 235
Spaghetti with seafood, garlic, white wine, cherry tomatoesCZK 345
Rigatoni with shredded duck ragout, grana padanoCZK 245
Lemon risotto with zucchini, sugar snap peas, fresh goat cheeseCZK 285
Risotto with salsiccia and tomatoes, stracciatella cream cheese, parsley oilCZK 290


Salad with fresh goat cheese, red grapes, Granny Smith apple, pecansCZK 245
Salad with grilled tiger prawns, avocado, coriander, chilli mango dressingCZK 265
Caesar salad, soft boiled eggs, pancetta, grana padano, crouton
with chicken / tiger prawns
CZK 235/255
Leaf variation with herbs, honey mustard dressingCZK 75
Bread / Homemade foccaciaCZK 45/65


Fish according to the daily menuCZK 785
Grilled octopus, ratatouille puree, baked potatoesCZK 545
Corn fed chicken supreme, seasonal vegetables on butter, mashed potatoesCZK 365
Veal roll with spinach, parma ham, white bean mash, caper sauceCZK 275
Veal saltimbocca, white wine sauceCZK 385
French beef tartare, friesCZK 365
Beef flank steak, green beans, olives, cherry tomatoes, veal juice, potato croquetteCZK 420


Callebaut white chocolate cheesecake, fresh passion fruitCZK 115
Brownies with hazelnuts, raspberries, mascarpone creamCZK 105
Crème brûlée, rhubarb puree, strawberriesCZK 105
TiramisuCZK 105

Allergens on request.
We charge 70% of the price for a half portion.
Take away + 10 CZK